Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rilakkuma iPhone and iPad case and accessories!!

Rilakkuma (Korilakkuma) iPhone and iPad case! <3

Rilakkuma iPhone 4 case ($3.00 from eBay): I'm in love with this case! Although it is not the original authentic one, you really can't tell the difference. The texture is super smooth and soft just like the original and it fits perfectly on my iPhone :). Only downside is that there is no opening for the "vibrate switch" on top of the volume buttons. But I always keep my phone on vibrate anyways so that's not a big problem. Also, the hole for the headphone jack is perfectly fine to fit earbuds, but can't fit an aux cable or any type of cable with thick wrapping around it (if that makes sense). But really, what else do you want for $3?? Overall, LOVE IT! <3


Rilakkuma iPad 2 case ($25 from Pacific Mall): This was my first iPad case and its awesome! For $25, you get a hard plastic back cover AND a magnetic "smart cover" that folds into a stand. 


Pink Bluetooth Keyboard Case!!

Got this for $25 off eBay. Having a keyboard for the iPad is sooo useful! If I want to go to the library to study and take notes, I don't have to haul my heavy laptop there; I can just bring this! It has lots of shortcut keys too (volume, search, play, and even a home button). The battery lasts 90 hours of uninterrupted working time and 100 days standby time. I use this with the Notability app when I want to take notes! Works amazing! It's also great for taking to lectures for those of you who'd rather type than handwrite notes (saves paper!). The keys are kind of small though, but I have small hands so that's not really an issue. 


X-Mini Portable Speaker and Stylus

Speaker ($25 eBay): Very useful for amplifying sound when listening to music or watching movie! It actually sounds very decent for some a small thing. And you can connect it to other X-Minis to amplify the sound even more (there's a special cable on the bottom for that). You can use it with anything that has a headphone socket.


Stylus ($10 The Source): It's a decent stylus for the price it is, but it's kind of fat and after using it for a while, the nib is starting to break. But I only bought it for draw something :p so its not a big deal.


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